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Introducing chumy Sphynx Kitty
Sphynx kitten for sale!
Sphynx kittens for sale near me

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Are you captivated by the unique charm of Sphynx cats? Look no further! Chumy Sphynx Kitty Haven has available sphynx kittens for sale near me. It is your ultimate online sanctuary dedicated to everything Sphynx. Whether you're a seasoned Sphynx cat owner or simply enamoured by their striking appearance, you've come to the right place.

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All About Us

Quality Bald Kitty for sale near me

Delve into the world of our charming sphynx kittens for sale $500. The cats will steal your heart with their own captivating story and personality.

Are you a proud Sphynx parent or planning to welcome one into your home? Our thorough care guides encompass everything from grooming pointers to dietary suggestions, guaranteeing your hairless feline friend's happiness and well-being.

Connect with fellow bald kitty enthusiasts on our social media. Share your experiences, seek advice, and exchange stories about your adorable feline companions.

If you’re Interested in adopting a bald kitty, Our adoption services will connect loving homes with Sphynx cats in need, fostering forever bonds between cats and their new families.

Immerse yourself in a gallery of captivating Sphynx kittens for sale near me. Witness their playful antics, distinctive expressions, and undeniable charm.

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Sphynx kitten for sale chumy sphynx vet

Sphynx cat for sale

At Chumy Sphynx Kitty Haven, we're more than just a website. We're a passionate community of Sphynx kitten lovers who are looking for sphynx kittens for sale near me. Whether you're seeking advice, companionship, or simply a daily dose of Sphynx cuteness, you're always welcome here. Join us in celebrating the enchanting world of Sphynx cats!
Chumy Sphynx Kitty is a celebrated Cat Breeder based in the United States. We've been raising animals since 2000, with a special emphasis on ensuring a smooth transition from our caring home to yours. We provide education to the kitten’s new caretakers with top-quality animals. We are dedicated to ensuring rightful love, care, and attention that these beloved beings require. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you'd like to learn more about our methods and values.
If you’re looking for sphynx kittens for sale near me or even you, contact us. If you're interested in acquiring a sphynx kittens for sale $500, You have the opportunity to welcome a hairless cat into your home through adoption.

Sphynx has another name. They are also familiar as Canadian Sphynx or hairless cats. As a unique breed they already won the heart of cat lovers. They have a muscular and medium size body. Each of our for sale hairless cat weights are within 7-8 pounds. We have some available colours of kittens and cats in blue, green, gold or copper. Our for sale hairless cat is very affectionate and loving with owners and other pets of the home. 

Grooming for the sphynx cat for sale

The cat breed requires grooming but they need very little grooming. As they don’t have any fur, their skin gets oily and dirty. So, they need to clear them regularly using soft shampoo. They have some health issues. If you are looking for a for sale hairless cat, you should know the issues. They may have heart failure if not monitored and treated perfectly. With it they deserve a warm environment.

Care for the cats

The cats need high quality cat food that is rich in protein. Both dry and wet food is recommended. Those looking for sphynx for sale near me, should know that you will need to spend interactive time with the cat for their physical and mental growth. With proper care all of our sphynx kittens for sale $500 can live till 10-15 years. Keep in mind it will not only be your pet bout also will be your member of your family.

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