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Our History

Learn about our Sphynx kittens for sale

At chumy Sphynx Kitty, we have taken something which started as a family passion and turned it into a successful breeding business. We breed our sphynx kittens to have friendly dispositions and fit in seamlessly as incredible family hairless cats.

Since 2000, we have been located in the United states where we live together with our cats and kittens. We breed responsibly and according to the best practices of the trade, which makes us your go-to address to find your sphynx kitten.

Sphynx Kitten

Guiding Mission

Our sphynx kittens comes first

At chumy Sphynx Kitty, we continue to care about our cats long after they leave us. As such, it’s our strict policy to only sell to individuals; we will never sell to pet shops or brokers. To make sure our kittens get the forever home they deserve, we carefully interview all potential owners. Contact us to find out more about the process or to get on our waiting list.

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